Meet Our Team

Our Story

Founders Justin Matoesian, Zach Lyons and Laurence Sisk are longtime friends who’ve shared an insatiable drive to lead healthier, happier lives and have had a subsequent obsession with holistic nutrition and alternative medicine. All formerly competitive athletes leading very active lives, they struggled with all-too-common issues ranging from pain and inflammation from years of athletic training to looming stress and anxiety from work, and an overall lack of energy and focus. They’d grown accustomed to taking a healthy regime of natural support supplements like ashwagandha to relax, melatonin to sleep, or ginseng to focus; in 2017, they found that adding CBD to their everyday routines was working to amplify the effects of these herbs.

Over the next 18 months they worked to develop a complete range of highly effective plant based blends, all activated and amplified by CBD. With a goal of creating a benefit-specific product suite to support a host of common issues, they perfected a range of products across multiple form factors, flavors and dosages in hopes their consumer could customize a wellness regimen to their exact wants and needs.

These original formulations formed the basis of TerVita’s benefit-specific, functional plant based CBD blends. Meticulous sourcing, knowledge of herbs, adaptogens and plant medicine and innovation in extraction methods and flavor technology is at the forefront of TerVita’s mission, bringing customers personalized solutions to everyday problems using the best of what nature and technology have to offer.

Justin Matoesian, Co-Founder

A trailblazer in the health & wellness space with a passion for pushing the limits of innovation, Justin founded NLA for Her, the first women's sports supplement company in 2011. During his 9 year tenure running NLA for Her, Justin oversaw the launch of many ground-breaking consumer products while fortifying his expertise in leadership, branding, and digital marketing. His unparalleled commitment to unlocking new, natural ways to improve the human mind, body and soul is the inspiration and motivation behind TerVita CBD.

Zach Lyons, Co-Founder

With a background in competitive sports, Zach has been experimenting with natural and alternative remedies to treat and prevent his physical injuries for years. He knew he wanted to build a trusted brand that would enhance people’s lives by introducing them to safe, natural solutions that support their every day health and wellness. With the love and support of his beautiful family he pursued his lifelong dream, taking his own experience with alternative medicine and CBD and working with Justin and Laurence to create a set of accessible, functional products to enhance people’s lives. Zach pioneered TerVita’s no-commitment subscription offering to make it as easy as possible for people to make plant medicine part of their everyday wellness routines.

Laurence Sisk, Co-Founder

Laurence has a passion for creating unique and effective products that truly help people. Through his extensive professional career in product development, sales and marketing, Laurence has realized this passion as a skill for bringing product ideas to life. Like his Co-founders, Laurence grew up immersed in sports and focused many years of his life on competitive athletics. However, he not only recognizes the healing powers of CBD on a physical level, but gained firsthand experience with the transformative benefits of CBD for both mind and body using it as a support tool in addiction recovery. He remains committed to bringing the exceptional benefits of CBD and complimentary natural remedies to as many people as possible since it has changed his life in such a profound way, and he believes it can help others.